the challenging retro space shooter


SpacepiXX is a free and addictive space shooter for Windows Phone.

You are the commander of a space ship and fight against different enemies. Enjoy the ultra smooth gameplay and collect power ups to get stronger.
But attention: Beware the angry bosses and flying asteroids!


Our retro game comes with the following features:

  • Challenging levels
  • Smooth gameplay with 60 FPS
  • Online leaderboards
  • 20+ power-ups
  • Pixelated retro look
  • 7 different kinds of laser shots


What do other users think about SpacepiXX?

"Didn't think the original version could be improved but it has... Awesome game!!!!!!!"

MoenchIndiana77, Deutschland

"I love playing this, its well old school. more c64 type shooters on the windows phone please"

DGM5000, UK