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Development Team

Planetary Defense is created by Kyle Bryant and Benjamin Sautermeister as a final project of the course IMGD 3000 - Technical Game Development 1 at Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

About the Game

Planetary Defense is a 2D text-based, top-down and single-player tower defense game.

In the game, the player, commander of the P.O.D.A.I (Planetary Orbital Defense Artificial Intelligence), can choose between a selection of three default maps and difficulties, but provides the resources necessary for the player to design his or her own level through use of text files! The game world consist of a grid that the player can place towers along. These towers are vital to killing the three provided enemy types the player will encounter. A sleek UI conveys easy to use controls and level data such as wave or building information. Let too many enemies slip by you, and the planet will suffer, remain vigilant in the fight against space orks, and you may earn your place as the galaxies standardized defense AI!

Be a hero. Defend your planet.


Technical Details

Planetary Defense is implemented in C++ using EngineX by Benjamin Sautermeister, an extended clone of the Dragonfly 2.4 game engine.


Music by PLSQMPRFKT, Germany