the best quotes in your pocket


Our Bash0r app is a kostenloser and outstanding Client for Windows Phone.

You're a fan of You love to read embarrassing stories from real life? You are searching an app against boring days? Or you're just gleeful? So, we have the perfect app for you! From now on you have all the funny chat quotes from IRC and IM always in your pocket!


No other Bash-App comes with so many features:

  • All categories
  • Rating of quotes
  • Locally stored favorites
  • OneDrive backup of your favorites
  • Windows Phone Messaging-Hub UI
  • Quotes on your lock screen
  • Quote search
  • Many sharing capabilities
  • Copy content to your clipboard
  • Gesture control
  • Offline capabilities


What do other users think about Bash0r?

"Haha awesome app :)"

Ben, FR