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Development Team

AR Physics Ball Game is developed by Mi Feng and Benjamin Sautermeister as a student project of the couse CS 525 - Augmented Reality at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. The project was supported by Dr. Robert W. Lindeman, professor for Computer Science and Interactive Media & Game Development at WPI.

About the Game

The AR Physics Ball Game is an augmented reality game, where the player is able to play a simple ball game with virtual 3D objects in the real world. Using multiple markers, the player has to get to ball spawned by the emitter to the goal. But of course not just using the boring direct way, but using a detour with colliders like spinner, a bouncer or a split board. In five rounds, the player has to collect as many points as possible. Take the challange!


Technical Details

The Augmented Reality Physics Ball Game is implemented using NyARTookit in C# and Unity 3D game engine.